From Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs to Simple IRAs and 401(k) plans, meet with one of our financial professionals to find out which retirement solution is right for you.  We will review your retirement income sources and address the largest expenses in retirement you may face. We can provide you with a realistic retirement plan. We can provide strategies to reduce debt and to develop a stream of income for life.

We also offer employer-sponsored retirement plans for 403(b) organizations. Call us today for an appointment at (918) 266-2787.


With access to more than 4,000 mutual funds a robust breadth of fixed and variable annuities, partner with our financial professionals to select the best products that meet your financial objectives.

We offer a special program called the Managed Advisory Platform (MAP) Service. This program enables you to diversify by several different investment styles and asset management approaches using mutual funds and an investment advisory service.
MAP offers portfolios for multiple levels of risk, shifted and allocated within various investment strategists’ investment philosophies. All the while, the underlying fund manager is selecting the securities to ensure they are managed to each funds’ particular goals and objectives.   Click on the brochure to learn more.


Focus Financial offers a spectrum of life insurance based products, including universal life, term life, and long-term care insurance. No matter your stage in life, let us help you find the right insurance-based products to compliment your financial goals.

403 (b) / TSA Services

We offer custom-designed retirement planning solutions for TSA/403(b) organizations, including schools, colleges, hospitals, and other nonprofit employers. These solutions include direct payroll deduction and integrated billing and reconciliation services.

Focus Financial advisors work one-on-one with employees to help them understand the importance of saving and investing in a 403(b) plan. We also provide them with important information about their state retirement plan, and how they can supplement their retirement income and properly prepare for retirement.

Let us help you design the right turnkey operation for your organization. Please click on the brochure to learn more.